Aurtistic Zine is a DSTL Arts publication focused on acceptance and showcasing the diverse talents of autistic individuals as well as their family members. With this zine we hope to provide a platform that highlights the strengths of the autism community. We want to show the individual as a whole person and not just a missing piece to a puzzle.

Submissions to Aurtistic Zine are FREE and open to individuals, ages 6 and up, residing in the U.S. Please read the following submission guidelines before submitting your artwork for consideration. Submissions that do not follow our guidelines will not be considered for publication.

Artists whose work is accepted for publication will receive one (1) FREE contributor's copy of the upcoming issue of Aurtistic Zine. We will contact you should your work be accepted for publication within three (3) weeks after our current deadline.

Submission period: Open Year-Round!

Publication Deadlines

  • Spring Issue: March 1st
  • Fall Issue: September 1st

Submissions accepted online and in-person at our zine-making workshops, and must follow our guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submitting Artists must be ages 6 or older, and reside in the U.S.
  • Youth ages 6–17 years old may submit artwork that is not related to the current theme for our Featured Artists section.
  • Theme-related submissions are accepted by individuals ages 14 and older.
  • Theme-related Submissions that do not fit under the current theme will not be considered for publication.

Creative Writing Submissions:

All creative writing submissions must be typed, 12pt., Times New Roman font, or similar, and must include title and author’s name as you wish it to appear in the zine.

Creative writing submissions must be uploaded in either .pdf, .doc, or .docx format.

Submissions must be written primarily in English and/or Spanish. Other languages welcome within your text, but the overall written work must be primarily English or Spanish.


  • All types, forms, and styles accepted (ex. haiku, sonnet, free-form, etc.)
  • Up to two (2) poems, not to exceed five (5) pages total.
  • Poetry submissions must be formatted as you would want them to appear in the zine. (Note: the font will be changed, but your line breaks, indentations, etc. will be preserved as much as possible)

Flash Fiction/Short Stories/Creative Nonfiction:

  • 500 words or less
  • Single-spaced
  • Up to two (2) works of prose per person
  • Ensure all spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. is complete and finalized. No edits shall be made after submission.

Visual Art Submissions:

All visual art must be submitted as: 

  • .JPG or .PNG format at 300dpi resolution
  • All artwork must be converted to CMYK color space.


  • 8.5” x 11” margins, portrait orientation. Anything outside 8.5” x 11” margin will be cropped out, so keep important elements within those margins.
  • Four (4) pages per comic, maximum
  • Artists may submit up to two (2), 4pg. comics (8 pages total of illustrated work)


  • 8.5”x 11” margins
  • .JPG or .PNG format, 300dpi
  • Artists may submit up to two (2) illustrations


  • 8.5”x 11” format
  • .JPG or .PNG format, 300dpi
  • Artists may submit up to two (2) photographs
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.